iCharts, Inc: Redefining Visual Analytics with Easy-to-Use NetSuite Solutions

Ted Sapountzis, CMO
With each passing day, reporting is getting livelier with the inception of powerful visual analytics. Companies today thrive on cloud-based visual analytics platforms to empower the rapid visualization of complex business information, large-scale research and dynamic data sets. Headquartered at Sunnyvale, CA, iCharts offers easy-to-implement solutions that empower users to rapidly create, distribute and collaborate via comprehensive dashboards, interactive visual reports and insightful charts. “We call ourselves the native visual reporting platform that lives inside cloud enterprise platforms such as NetSuite,” says Ted Sapountzis, CMO, iCharts. “We allow organizations to visualize their entire business,” he adds.

At iCharts, we specifically solve problems and allow organizations to visualize their entire business within NetSuite

iCharts has a wide spectrum of products that meet the critical visualization requirements of various customers. The company’s flagship product, iCharts Cloud Enterprise is a comprehensive visual analytics & intelligence platform operating natively in cloud-based enterprise applications.

The easy-to-use solutions help organizations to visualize graphs, charts and reports in real time, and also integrate external data to get a complete view of the business. “We help business users design the visualizations and share them with their colleagues which helps companies increase productivity and efficiency as there is no need for data exporting,” states Sapountzis. “Our simple, user-friendly solutions empower users to rapidly create interactive reports and intuitive visualizations but, at the same time, we also help companies to manage the security and avoid any potential mishaps,” adds Sapountzis.
For instance, an enterprise software company recently went through a major change initiative to improve the efficiency of their sales organization. The sales organization consisted of more than 120 sales team members across the globe.Getting access to the visualizations and analytics was key for them so that they could improve the performance of their sales team. They went through an extensive evaluation process, and a board of the company’s top five senior executives zeroed in on iCharts' solutions. Within 42 days, the company had rolled out dashboards across all their 120 sales representatives. The implementation has given them access to interactive visualizations and helped the sales management team benchmark and look at their sales pipeline and performance in real time. That, in turn, increased the company’s sales efficiency by 11 percent and helped to grow overall revenues by 28 percent.

To distinguish itself from most of the companies in the NetSuite domain, iCharts works with a fast-moving customercentric framework that collects different feedback requested by the clientele. “We collect a lot of data on customer requirements, and then we infuse those needs in our product,” says Seymour Duncker, CEO and Founder iCharts. The company works with the philosophy “innovate faster than everybody else,” delivering knowledge and empowering decisions to meet business objectives. “Our pre-packaged best practices across various functions and industries were one such set of innovations. By leveraging our pre-built templates, our customers can now be up and running in less than 15 minutes,” adds Duncker.

Moving ahead, iCharts plans for a significant geographic expansion in the NetSuite landscape. The company also aims to expand their product range to cater a diversified range of clientele. “The company is very focused on the U.S. region, but we are also targeting markets outside the U.S. through partners as lots of opportunities are pouring in. Besides regional expansion, another important priority of iCharts is to widen its product range. We are currently working on a similar product for Salesforce customers,” concludes Duncker.

iCharts, Inc

Sunnyvale, CA

Ted Sapountzis, CMO and Seymour Duncker, Founder & CEO

iCharts is a visual intelligence provider that empowers users to rapidly create,distribute and collaborate via comprehensive dashboards, interactive visual reports and insightful charts.