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Joe Giegerich, Partner
The practice of deploying different solutions for CRM and ERP is becoming obsolete and NetSuite, the unified experience, emerges as the best replacement in the pursuit to consolidate and manage related processes. However, companies use a cautious approach before acquiring the NetSuite license and want to know about the availability of add-ons and third party tools, among others. “We offer PoCs, so that we can go through a formal Discovery process with our clients,” says Joe Giegerich, Partner, Horizon Associates Group. The Stony Brook, NY based company offers over a decade of NetSuite expertise and skills in industries ranging from retail and wholesale distribution to e-commerce.

Horizon is well aware of latest trends in Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A). Clients seek insights from their granular accounting and operational data to leverage the current ideas behind Big Data and analytics. “NetSuite is ideal for fast growing companies that have Private Equity backing,” states Giegerich. In the journey so far, Horizon has accumulated a trove of knowledge with respect to operational and reporting efficiencies sought by PE firms in their portfolio companies that use NetSuite. The company strives to address client requirements such as the ameliorated financial reporting, better visibility into business processes, and faster financial closure through NetSuite products.

“Usually, clients intend to harness the flexibility of NetSuite and use it as their primary system of record,” says Giegerich. Team Horizon assists the client in manifesting their reporting and analytics requirements using native NetSuite Reporting, advanced Excel modeling, or add-on toolsets.

“We are a boutique NetSuite Partner with only senior level consulting resources,” says Giegerich. Team Horizon is able to understand different business aspects of financial and operational reporting on account of its experienced consultants. Elaborating further about the nexus of CRM and ERP, Giegerich states, “We approach NetSuite Commerce and NetSuite ERP as distinct teams that both understand how order management relates to operational management.”

We offer proof of concept engagements to optimize the long term NetSuite license acquisition and SOW costs

The company injects a unified approach in addressing marketing and operation related processes to implement a NetSuite product to encompass the allied processes.

The leadership of Horizon firmly believes in devising and deploying NetSuite solutions in accordance with client’s requirements. “If a typical NetSuite delivered methodology is followed then a client would be able to de¬ploy standard NetSuite services, but may not be utilizing them to full capacity and optimi¬zation,” enlightens Giegerich. The company’s ability to custom tailor an implementation approach according to individual customer requirements has proven successful so far. In one of the instances, the client was facing the problem of scattered data under multiple business systems. The client selected Horizon as their solution provider for a massive data migration project to amalgamate the scattered data under NetSuite OneWorld. The Horizon consultants had forensic accounting skills, a key pre-requisite in reconciling and auditing current and historical information, and under¬took the project with ease.

“We only take on clients and projects that match our philosophy and we know can be successful projects,” asserts Giegerich. Horizon ensures allocation of its experienced resources throughout the initiation, the implementation, and the support cycles of the project to deliver the best customer service experience and create more success stories. Team Horizon looks forward to further organic growth in the U.S. market. “At the end of the day, we adhere to our principle of providing the greatest level of customer satisfaction and honest advice to our clients,” concludes Giegerich.

Horizon Associates Group, LLC

Stony Brook, NY

Joe Giegerich, Partner and Randy Weitz ,Partner

Specializes in NetSuite OneWorld, ERP implementation, customization, and integration. Also provides NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced SCA web development

Horizon Associates Group, LLC