Integrating Technologies for Strategic Excellence

Wayne Towson, CIO, INTERPOL Washington

Microsoft Solutions for Integration Expertise

INTERPOL Washington utilizes Microsoft Solutions to provide development and integration expertise as it relates to the suite of Microsoft services and applications. Solution teams complement existing staff for creating a scalable technology framework for achieving the strategic objectives of Interpol Washington.

Alignment between IT Solutions and Organizational Goals

The cornerstone to a successful engagement with Microsoft is in establishing the strategic direction and ensuring that metrics are aligned with enhancing/extending the INTERPOL Washington mission. Improved alignment between delivered IT solutions and setting and achieving organizational goals and outcomes also become keys to success.

Solutions Deployed on Top of the Microsoft Platform that have Added Value to Business

The reduction of manual processes will directly shape INTERPOL Washington’s capacity to support the increasing demand associated with international information sharing initiatives. INTERPOL Washington’s goals for supporting an extensive global framework for the processing and sharing International Law Enforcement content are based on the innovative yet cost effective use of technology. The overall reduction of resource intensive operations must be realized and leveraged through workflow technologies and enterprise search capabilities.

Shortcomings in Mobile Technology

Implementing and supporting a mobile workforce that supports a 24x7 mission is critical to enhancing the global mission of INTERPOL. Consolidation and decreasing the complexity of mobile devices yet increasing their security and optimizing the Time between Charges (TbC) are all critical factors.

Leveraging technologies, that support an International Enterprise Service Bus that reduces the complexity associated with wholesale adoption of a true INTERPOL Information Sharing Service Model for encouraging ubiquitous access for all INTERPOL member countries. 

Benchmarks for Success with Microsoft Solution Providers

Change control, program lifecycle management and stakeholder investment are fundamental benchmarks for success. Having a clear path and understanding the depth, knowledge and scale of the capabilities can assist managers in the proper use and direction of Microsoft Solution Providers.

Some of the surprises with Microsoft Solutions is the ability to collaborate in a hybrid (working) environment managed by Government staff and working with multi-vendor contracted staff. Also working to ensure recommendations are properly aligned with the mission and less focused on licensing and services.

Microsoft Mix to Extend Organizational Capabilities

Microsoft provides a wide array of software applications and services that help support and extend the capabilities of any organization. Understanding and implementing the proper mix of various technologies for supporting the mission are critical. Evaluating the technical constraints and benefits cannot be overestimated and should be a requirement for the introduction and use of any application.

Develop Customer Oriented IT Culture

Not having a comprehensive strategic vision or unable to articulate clear achievable objectives and outcomes, are some of the mistakes made while implementing Microsoft Solutions. Create small incremental successes with continuous stakeholder involvement and buy-in. Develop a customer-oriented IT culture that is proactive in developing technological solutions for enhancing the mission.

Solutions that don’t Distract

Take the time to understand the business and develop a customer-based service first approach to technical innovation. Leverage technologies that make people productive and that make the organization more effective. Build solutions that do not distract from the core mission.

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