Celigo: Pioneering the Future of Application Integration

Today, as the line between the physical and the virtual world continues to blur and blend, organizations are rapidly reaching a tipping point in which computing—and the intelligence it offers—is everywhere. In such developments, companies need to run complex, mission-critical business processes globally in cloud or ERP environments to drive their strategies. Headquartered at San Mateo, CA, Celigo continues its success in delivering the best to businesses around the world, enabling them to lower IT costs significantly, while increasing productivity, as the global adoption of the cloud accelerates. The emerging need for applications to work together has placed Celigo to be exclusive provider of NetSuite Solutions.

We combine our tools, platforms and expert knowledge to help companies integrate their existing applications with NetSuite

As a qualified and experienced NetSuite partner, Celigo prides itself on helping businesses to identify and develop the NetSuite package best suited to their individual needs. Celigo has a long and successful working relationship with NetSuite. “Our 5-Star Partner status gives us considerable leverage when helping our customers to license and install the software in the configuration that’s right for them,” claims Jan Arendtsz, Founder and CEO, Celigo. “Moreover, our first class NetSuite consultancy doesn’t end at the point of sale,” he adds.

Leveraging its close partnership with NetSuite, Celigo provides a complete, holistic and an array of services to NetSuite customers at every stage. Celigo’s services are basically grouped in three parameters— implementation, optimization, and advisory/licensing service. The services cover various aspects from identifying the customers’ organizational requirements to optimizing NetSuite experience once the software is in use. The NetSuite implementation methodology is designed to enable customers to make the most of everything NetSuite has to offer. Furthermore, Celigo’s Services Team is dedicated to help each client achieve the maximum return on their investment. “We’ll ensure that the license is created only for those functions of NetSuite that are absolutely necessary to a business,” says Arendtsz.

Apart from delivering unrivaled advisory and technology services, Celigo provides enhanced integration capabilities.
Jan Arendtsz, Founder & CEO
“We combine our tools, platforms, and expert knowledge to help companies integrate their existing applications with NetSuite, automating data across platforms or exporting data from NetSuite to other systems,” says Arendtsz. The company’s Celigo Integrator is a next-generation product built into the client’s NetSuite account. The Celigo Integrator allows to build, run, and schedule imports and exports with an intuitive mapping interface for all the integration needs.In addition, the company provides Smart- Connectors, which are pre-built integrations based on business processes. Celigo’s other product offering includes eTail 360 and it integrates the most prominent marketplaces, web stores, comparison shopping engines, 3PL vendors, and marketing automation providers with NetSuite.

Celigo is pioneering the future of application integration with novel strategies, cutting edge technologies, and a die hard team to make the most complicated integrations work. The company has helped many customers to improve business processes, have smooth integrations, and achieve greater value. In one instance, one of the clients of Celigo was in search of an apt integration solution.By utilizing Celigo’s Integrator, the customer surpassed all of its NetSuite integration needs. In a very short time, the client was able to launch two relatively large integrations, one of which was with a very large logistics company. In the end, the product allowed the client to attain customer satisfaction and also use NetSuite in an incredible way.

Moving forward, Celigo will continue to work on its core mission of enabling independent best of breed applications to work together as one. The company will also be focused on innovating new capabilities and provide seamless integrations within new platforms.


San Mateo, CA

Jan Arendtsz, Founder & CEO

A company pioneering the future of application integration with novel strategies, cutting-edge technologies, and a dedicated team that will go to any length to get the most complicated integrations to work seamlessly