Epiphany: Redefining Networking with Intelligence

Brenda Brinkley, CEO & President
Along with the advanced technology, business managers today are looking for applications that will help them survive the competition. Currently, NetSuite identifies the urgency of streamlining businesses and has evolved many analytical cloud-based solutions that integrate CRM, ERP, ecommerce, and resource management. Epiphany, being a NetSuite solutions provider and SuiteCloud developer recognizes some of the major challenges of businesses. The major hurdle for the organizations, according to Brenda Brinkley, CEO and President of Epiphany, Inc. is the implementation of software packages to their full potential. “Organizations need definite solutions for reducing the onus involved in contract administration in order to ensure visible improvements in their clients’ management portfolio,” she says. Addressing the intricacy of the businesses, Epiphany’s solutions deliver visible results in terms of work coordination and contract and warranty management.

Headquartered in Cypress, TX, the company prioritizes field service, project profitability and keeping a honed eye on resources. The aim of the company is to produce solutions that add functionality to NetSuite for the Field Service vertical. As a channel partner of NetSuite, it aims to create online/offline work order systems for technicians to use in the field. “Our e-Service Suite ties the field service organization to the rest of the company, providing a seamless process between sales, project management, field personnel and the accounting office,” says Brenda.

Epiphany’s e-Service Management software, a NetSuite-aligned solution, allows for a full field service solution. Their solutions help in terms of increasing productivity, while reducing manual workload, customizing all the business accounts and also equipping the employees for better production. For instance, The Villages Golf Carts,a provider of rentals, sales, and services needed a simplified process for resolving issues like
poor communication, lost customer maintenance information, and delay in billing due to deficiency of labor and parts information. In this crisis, the rental solution of Epiphany, e-Rentals delivered a complete solution that brought speed and accuracy to all departments and has enhanced the efficiency of the firm.

Furthermore, “Our HR and e-Budget solutions allow senior management to track the biggest revenue and cost generators - employees and project budgets. The ability to manage people, parts and profit are the core need in any field service company,” says Brenda. All solutions come with the ability to drill down into the data for sophisticated analysis.

Epiphany has effectively created solutions that support all the cardinal business decisions. The company has built single unit for ERP, CRM and ecommerce business functionalities so that real-time data can be shared and viewed by every employee.

“Our CRM applications allow sales force automation, marketing automation, and customer service and support that help the companies manage complete customer lifecycle,” asserts Brenda. Epiphany’s unique solutions not only track the work for a field technician, but also the unit. The unit record contains a 360 degree view of the life of that unit. A unit is tracked from the purchase to sale, repair, and re-sale to scrap. This includes tracking the profitability of the unit and tying that unit to NetSuite fixed assets. The unit may need emergency repair during a rental, or the unit may need preventative maintenance–all of that is easily managed in the Epiphany e-Service Suite.

Epiphany is working toward the next version of e-Rental with a focus on key reports for unit rental, time, days available to rent and more. The next few years will bring in the Internet of Things, allow for automatic creation of work orders for preventative and emergency maintenance directly from the unit.

Our field service allows for a full life cycle for field service from sale to contract to preventative maintenance to repair



Brenda Brinkley, CEO & President

Epiphany is a NetSuite Solution Provider and SuiteCloud Developer. The company focuses exclusively on NetSuite—Sales, Implementation,Support, Training and Product Development for field service companies