NewGen Business Solutions: Complete NetSuite based ERP Packages with Customizable Benefits

Richard Kostopoulos Founder & President
With profound experience in Accounting and Computer Science, Richard Kostopoulos, President and CEO of NewGen Business Solutions, accredits his success stories to his experience in the United States Air Force. “My experience as an enlisted electronics warfare technician with the Air Force has ingrained in me a structured and disciplined approach. It is this disciplined approach which helps me to have a strong overall knowledge of the tasks at hand, while managing businesses,” says Kostopoulos.

Companies today are faced with a focus on maximizing operations and results, while utilizing the fewest resources possible. The group of executives impacted greatly by this challenge is the Chief Information Officers. CIO’s have been working through this challenge for almost a decade now, and NetSuite greatly enhances their leverage by offering web-based business management software with minimum hardware requirements and rapid implementation capabilities. NetSuite provides a single data set covering all products, finance, and customers involved in an enterprise. Realizing this proficient capability, NewGen Business Solutions, a Warrenville Illinois based Company, adopted NetSuite to deliver customizable ERP, CRM, and Enterprise Management based packages for growing businesses. “Since the adoption, we didn’t have to continually look for the ‘next ERP package’ because NetSuite constantly innovates and evolves. This is the sign of a true leader in the business software space,” exclaims Kostopoulos.

The company’s latest innovation—ConventionSuite, is a complete Enterprise Management integration package built around the NetSuite ecosystem specifically developed for the Convention, Exposition, and Trade Show industry. “For over a decade, we’ve been managing the back-end operations for a client based in Rosemont Illinois.They wanted us to support their operations with an enhanced front-end and the solution we built for them later evolved into ConventionSuite,” articulates Kostopoulos. ConventionSuite supports trade show operations that require a competent suite of event and show site reports along with rental categories and departments. The suite contains a customer self service portal, custom key performance dashboard, and several configurable benefits like unique workflows.

NewGen also specializes in helping organizations operate more efficiently by providing businesses with the expertise needed to implement NetSuite ERP, CRM and Ecommerce solutions.
“Our team of experienced analysts can help optimize your NetSuite system by taking the time to assess current business processes and uncovering specific user needs. This ensures that your business is taking full advantage of all the features within your NetSuite investment,” explains Kostopoulos.

“Since choosing NetSuite we have not had to look for the ‘Next ERP package’ because NetSuite constantly innovates”

NewGen has successfully implemented its pioneering solution across several verticals with customizable benefits, allowing their clients to automate its ERP and CRM operations. Athletica’s Team Cheer is an eCommerce site that offers sports apparel and accessories. They also provide personalized customer service from purchasing assistance to ease of ordering and unparalleled delivery. The company’s NetSuite based eCommerce website required numerous functionality customizations. They were also looking to add a “Team Store Creator” wherein coaches are able to create a storefront for their players to purchase necessary apparel items for the season. NewGen deployed a combination of NetSuite solutions to tweak and fix site errors with custom built scripts and workflows to create the “Team Store Creator”. This helped Athletica Team Cheer reach out to more customers, while simultaneously preserving their personalized customer service model.

NewGen believes that competing on a world stage requires innovative thought processes. Through spreading businesses operation knowledge, enterprises and institutions shall be motivated to think forward and adapt to newer technologies. “We wanted to show businesses how it is possible to thrive in a global market by using advanced technology ERP software. Therefore, we are also involved in the local Chamber of Commerce and local school districts, helping to educate businesses in the ERP software space,” concludes Kostopoulos.

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Richard Kostopoulos Founder & President

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