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Jodi Cicci President & CEO
Professional Services Organizations (PSO), regardless of their size and industry, have an insatiable need for information and timely access to accurate data that enables making operational and business decisions. However, many PSO’s tend to lack a clear perspective on how to implement or leverage software solutions to gain access to this information. With a variety of solutions on the market, firms need clear requirements and business goals to select, implement, and use a solution to its full potential.

Platforms like NetSuite OpenAir are uniquely designed for Professional Services organizations, as an assured way to manage projects, resources and finances all in one integrated services management application. TOP Step Consulting, a Virginia-based provider of Professional Services Automation (PSA) solutions, infuses the knowledge and experience of its expert team to offer a range of services that bridge the gaps in clients’ business processes and OpenAir adoption. “Our unique association with NetSuite and our focus on the NetSuite OpenAir solution has enabled us to build a user community to empower and educate customers on the pros and cons of deploying PSA software,” says Jodi Cicci, President and CEO, TOP Step Consulting.

TOP Step Consulting is a major player in the NetSuite OpenAir customer community by sponsoring live user group meetings, monthly educational webinars on OpenAir, and an idea forum for information exchange. “We ensure customers get the most out of their investment of OpenAir thereby increasing business bottom lines,” explains Jodi.

The company’s OpenAir PSA services platform encompasses Business Efficiency Assessment, OpenAir Implementation, OpenAir Integration Services, OpenAir Release Management, OpenAir Report Training, and OpenAir Outsourced Administration. In addition, TOP Step has designed a five-step process known as the STEPS—Strategize, Tools and Process Implementation, Educating and Training, Performance Tracking and Reporting and Systems Management as a sure shot way to bring in efficiency in customers’ overall business. “In a nut shell, the implementation of the OpenAir PSA allows end-users to gain visibility and control of their projectbased business,” adds Cicci.
TOP Step’s plethora of OpenAir services helps companies focus on serving their customers and adhere to changing technology needs. In one instance, a renowned client of TOP Step encountered difficulties in getting metrics and information to measure business efficiency as they were solely dependent on spreadsheets to plan and keep a tab on their resources. TOP Step, using STEPS, helped their client focus on key areas to attain professional service efficiency. “In the process, we discovered a major mismatch between the customer’s business model and their existing PSA tools that did not give them desired outcomes,” adds Cicci. With OpenAir PSA, the client’s business was restructured with tools and processes to support their decision making, achieving real-time and centralized data access to enhance business productivity.

OpenAir PSA allows endusers to gain visibility and control of their project-based business

The success stories of TOP Step stand as testaments to its business process first approach, while delivering value to customers. TOP Step consultants hail from industries that leverage PSA tools and have experience received through practical application. “Our clients seek our solutions for transparency in knowledge empowerment that we add to our services,” beams Cicci. “Furthermore, we know what they expect when running a project based organization. We believe in focusing not only on software technology, but on the human aspect of end user adoption as well when providing services to a client.”

For the future, TOP Step wants to discover ways to integrate NetSuite OpenAir with a variety of software tools available in the PSA ecosystem to expand its capabilities. “We have already achieved a global footprint and we wish to carry forward our passion to unravel ways to expand the applicability of NetSuite OpenAir,” concludes Cicci.

TOP Step Consulting

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Jodi Cicci President & CEO

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