Trajectory: Suite or No Suite, NetSuite is at the Center of Successful Business Platforms

Alex Olano, Managing Partner & Co-Founder
“The priorities and preoccupations of the CIOs of mid-market organizations are often most evident during the sales cycle,” posits Alex Olano, Managing Partner, Trajectory. “The ‘suite’ used to be the ultimate goal, now CIOs are starting to eschew the notion of the ‘suite’ and seem far more ready to adopt multiple services.” This trend is born out regularly with NetSuite, the original cloud suite for the SMB market. As a NetSuite and Cloud Software & Services Consultancy, Trajectory plays the role of an advisor to several small and midsized firms to help in choosing the right business solutions for effective operations and better results. With core ERP solutions built on NetSuite providing so much value as a core business platform, CIOs are willing to overlook the desire for a single suite, supplementing departments and key processes with very specific point solutions that are well integrated.

Trajectory is a consultancy and reseller of NetSuite solutions for services, manufacturing, software and advertising industries. Trajectory's team of experts ensures that customers achieve better value, through the engineering of business solutions built on the NetSuite ERP/CRM platform. By looking to NetSuite as the core operational platform for virtually any industry, Trajectory is able to establish strong practices for core financial, order management and fulfillment processes, while leaning on well integrated cutting edge point solutions to address unique needs. NetSuite supports this approach through the industry’s most robust RESTful API and Web Services framework.

In some cases, it is the NetSuite Partners themselves who build those industries specific ‘point solutions’. Based on its years of experience in the advertising industry, Trajectory has designed and built a platform to address the particular challenges that Digital Publishers and sell-side Agencies face. Built on the NetSuite platform, and certified as part of NetSuite’s own ‘Built for NetSuite’ platform, advertisingERP. com is part of Trajectory’s contribution to the NetSuite ecosystem. “It’s a simple case of see a need, fill the need,” says Olano. “We took our experiences working with some of North America’s largest and most successful publishers and agencies, leveraged the most powerful elements of NetSuite and built best practice solutions around it.”
By leveraging the NetSuite platform, Trajectory has paved the way for success for several advertising industry clients. For instance, The Toronto Star (Canada’s most read daily newspaper) and the Postmedia Network (Canada’s largest daily publisher) were able to modernize their sales and order management workflows with NetSuite CRM and Trajectory solutions, enabling levels of reporting and insight never before available. Trajectory has also assisted digital publishers like Canada’s most read Sports app, The Score, to capitalize on and NetSuite to manage their entire operations.

We are introducing out into the world, solving challenges for sell-side agencies and publishers

With over a decade of delivering NetSuite solutions, Trajectory has amassed a wealth of knowledge. “We’ve been able to use the depth of experience delivering NetSuite to over 200 organizations to establish our organization as a leader in terms of quality of consulting and solution delivered,” says Olano. In addition, Trajectory is consistent in their performance through their unique ability to structure project and support teams. “Trajectory falls into the ‘up and to the right’ quadrant with our depth of experience and onshore presence.”

Innovating is part of Trajectory’s DNA. The firm’s innovation lab is named ‘skunk works’ after Lockheed’s WW2 development group. “Maybe we’re not perfecting ICBMs, but we are working hard across horizontal and vertical solution lines. We are driven by solving challenges common to our client bases,” explains Olano.

Commenting on the future prospects of the company, Olano says, “We are focused on introducing to the world, and continuing to deliver the very best NetSuite consulting, implementation and support we can.”


Toronto, ON

Alex Olano, Managing Partner & Co-Founder

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