Protelo: A Catalyst for Transformation

Christer Johansson, President & Founder
As the cloud becomes more widely accepted as a valuable operating platform for various business processes, companies are turning toward prominent players in the market, like NetSuite, to boost efficiency. The NetSuite cloud business management suite helps organizations of all sizes and CIOs are taking notice of it to extract the maximum benefits out of it. Protelo, a software and business consultancy firm provides extensive services to ensure their clients get the most out of their NetSuite investments. “The biggest service we provide is that we become a one-stop shop for our clients. We engage our clients in business process conversations and then translate those business needs into what’s needed for the software,” says Christer Johansson, President and Founder, Protelo. The company’s software and business consultancy services enable clients to quickly and efficiently resolve business issues. “We take pride in our responsiveness, speed, and agility. Our clients value not only our expertise, but they also appreciate our availability and commitment to making things happen when they need to,” explains Johansson. Similarly, in the NetSuite arena, the firm specializes in developing deep functionality for customers based on their specific requirements to solve their unique business problems. The firm’s experience in a variety of industries and with a multitude of other business software enables it to service clients faster and better. As Johansson puts it, “By drawing on things we’ve done and seen others do, we’re able to fulfill our customers’ needs effectively and efficiently.”

According to Johansson, the bond that they build with clients is the key to their success. “What is most important is building strong, honest, and transparent relationships. As long as we continue to do this well, our business will continue to do well.” In addition, Protelo ensures its customers can count on top-quality service and support levels, deep comprehension of their needs, and quick response time. “To sum it up, we’re differentiated by the relationships we build, the service levels we provide, and our deep understanding of both the software AND the business” explains Johansson.

We’re differentiated by the relationships we build, the service levels we provide, and our deep understanding of both the software AND the business

The company’s expertise in NetSuite consultancy is clear from its distinguished clients and the success they have experienced. For instance, one of Protelo’s clients was losing track of inventory and struggling to gain control. Lack of inventory control caused an inability to service customers and significant monetary losses. The company sought help from Protelo to architect a solution suitable to its business needs and re-engineer its business processes. “We helped them create new features in the NetSuite software to support a business process where employees are able to more precisely manage the flow of goods within the warehouse,” explains Johansson. The solution helped them: decrease cycle time between receipt of inventory and fulfillment of customer orders; better their cash flow projections; significantly reduce shrinkage of inventory; achieve higher inventory turns; improve inter-department communication and collaboration; and increase customer satisfaction.

Looking to expand globally, Protelo aims to extend its footprint into Mid America, South America, and Europe in the next few years. “We focus on growing one client at a time while maintaining excellent service levels for all of our customers. Through this, I see us continuing to grow and serve an ever-growing NetSuite market,” concludes Johansson.


Folsom, CA

Christer Johansson, President & Founder

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