Smart Strategy: Seamless Trans-departmental Data Flow for Better Productivity

Arturo Arrea, CEO
The unprecedented growth of technology has given rise to complex business environments with functional units requiring more and more inter-functional data flow for better decision making. The biggest and most recurrent challenge in such a scenario is the conciliation of business data. Different department of an organization use different data that should, in theory, be compatible at financial level. During conciliation, data coming from Engineering, Sales, Marketing and Finance, and others should tell the same story. However, as organizations make their decision based on hundreds of excel spreadsheets that not always are reconciled with the financials of the company, this gives room for, error in the data, ‘data ownership problems’, data not updated or bad data. “As we venture in solving these problems, our biggest challenge becomes getting appropriate tools that are flexible enough to connect the client’s data with their accounting system,” says Arturo Arrea, CEO, Smart Strategy. “NetSuite comes across as the winner by offering outstanding ERP capabilities, flexibility, and connectivity necessary to solve the customer issues.”

Using the NetSuite platform and its connectivity to other platforms, Smart Strategy has developed custom modules relevant for industry verticals. The whole customized tooling has only one mission: to match every business process in the company on the front end and keep compatibility on the back end. “NetSuite provides the power of having personalized control panels based on roles, reports and analysis incorporated in real time in all the processes integrated to a customer’s business,” remarks Arrea. NetSuite’s accounting system permits the creation of new modules that don't need to have an accounting or engineering perspective. “The customers are able to connect everything together, once they have data and information of every different process. Here is where the real value of NetSuite resides.”

The company has been sharing a successful partnership with NetSuite—providing an outstanding platform with connectivity and flexibility that gets updated twice a year at competitive prices.“We understand our customer business processes and we optimize them through the use of the right technology to ensure that all data is within a system, available to all and reconciled with the financials,” explains Arrea.

We understand our customer business processes and we optimize them through the use of the right technology to ensure that all data is within a system, available to all and reconciled with the financials

“By doing these we have made our customers achieve the premise ‘technology was invented to simplify’.”

The company caters to clients in various verticals including Agribusiness, Automotive, Construction, Real State, Distribution, Logistics Manufacturing, and others. “When we undertake a new customer we take the time to analyze carefully its business processes looking for process optimization through the use of technology,” asserts Arrea. “Every business process is tailor made through the best use of technology that exists at the present moment ‘just like if it is, the greatest art creation’.” After implementing their solutions Smart Strategy takes time to ensure that all data flows the way it is supposed to and by creating KPI usage to guarantee success. The company’s major differentiating factor is that they work as ‘Business-for-Business’ rather than being focused on ‘Business-to-Business’.

Looking into the future, Smart Strategy wants to expand their business in Central and South America providing the right customization to each of their customers. They also want to venture onto the cloud based technology and platforms generating more customers by deploying their tools with little to no local presence. “We were built on the belief—we are here to delight our customers. And we are here to create success for our customers and understand this is the only way we are going to be successful,” concludes Arrea.

Smart Strategy

Costa Rica

Arturo Arrea, CEO

Providing platform portfolio with the right combination of technologies integrating into a client’s current solutions, expanding and developing around them

Smart Strategy