SyncHR: Simplifying Payroll with NetSuite-optimized Platform

Pamela Glick, CEO
The employee’s joy knows no bounds when everyday’s hard work gets paid and salary is credited at the end of the month. But managing payroll can prove to be a cumbersome task. There is more to the process than merely distributing paychecks—regulations, tax withholdings, deductions, year-end updates, among others. NetSuite has been the lightning in the cloud for the concerned personnel in this process—reducing paperwork and enabling better management of systems that manage HR, benefits and payroll data and processes. SyncHR is one such company which offers HR, Benefits and Payroll, Software-as-a- Service (SaaS) Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions, combining a lower cost of ownership with patented innovation. With the help of its single application and database, the firm is eliminating data inconsistencies by automating processes that have typically been done manually. The solution is also affordable for the mid-market enterprise. “Our cost effective, single-source,cloud-based platform complements NetSuite and makes our clients’ job easy, especially in the payroll domain,” says Pamela Glick, CEO, SyncHR.

The firm’s interactive payroll solution provides real-time payroll calculation eliminating any delay in viewing results, and can be recalculated as often as needed to incorporate the many changes that are common during a pay cycle. Changes that require retroactive calculations are also automated. The system handles all the difficult calculations associated with retroactive earnings, deductions, and taxes, so things such as missed hours, forgotten address changes, retroactive pay increases, and labor re-allocations are as straight forward retroactively as they are in the current period; plus Pamela, CEO, SyncHR, says "you can run all these changes at once and not have to do each employee individually, which saves companies a lot of time and head ache”. The Retro-Pay calculations enable clients to improve the accuracy of accounting information in payroll. “Our application assists organizations to improve payroll related hurdles from a financial perspective,” states Pamela.

The firm’s application is built on an open-source framework, which enables them to quickly adopt new technologies that improve client functionality and experience. The platform is bestowed with features like drag and drop through which users are able to create their own portal view and customize it according to their needs.

Our cost effective, single-source-cloud-based platform complements NetSuite and makes our clients’ job easy in the domain of payroll

The employee portal facilitates them to alter data, reduce cost and increase HR efficiency. Approvals are automatically passed to appropriate parties with the help of Smart Workflow which is instrumental in decreasing the approval time. The firm provides real-time analytics for business administrators to understand the impact of transactions over various time spans. Reports are embedded throughout the application, which help users to procure summarized versions of their data and enhance decision support.

Presently, customers want to simplify their payroll, HR, and benefit functions, but not lose functionality, plus they want a system that will grow with them as they grow. Some companies have a lot of systems and manual processes, which makes automation and scalability difficult for them. SyncHR seamlessly automates the complex process for these firms, including keeping their NetSuite-based cloud solutions current with employee and payroll related labor allocations. “Our users can easily manage their processes without much difficulty, which helps them to grow and add more value to their organization,” says Pamela.

Forging ahead, SyncHR will enhance the core of its solution by continuing to add more flexibility around configuration of processes and workflows. The firm will also be extending its features around talent management as well as localizing its solution for various countries to flourish globally. “Given our strong core architecture and having built the system from the ground up for the cloud, the pace that we can innovate and bring additional features to market is much greater than others in the HCM space,” concludes Pamela.


Oakland, CA

Pamela Glick, CEO

Delivers NetSuite-based solutions for management of HR and payrolls

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