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Ronn Breaux, CEO
The TOP Step Consulting journey to customer success began over ten years ago. The singular focus of the company has been to solve the unique challenges of professional services organizations wanting to improve efficiency and productivity.

Today, TOP Step Consulting, with over 300 customers, calls itself the consulting company for consultants. The ‘niche’ company focuses on NetSuite OpenAir, a leading professional services automation platform. Due to their results and reputation of the past ten years, the firm recently sealed a consulting partner relationship with Oracle NetSuite. This partnership has opened the door for access to provide expertise to not only the NetSuite sales team but also other Oracle NetSuite partners who work across the business suite portfolio and need expertise for OpenAir deployments.

“We get calls from customers nearly every week who have a problem or need to do more with their PSA system and need our help,” says Ronn Breaux, CEO of TOP Step Consulting. The company has a range of offerings starting from business efficiency assessment to implementation, system integration, tool selections and system extensions. In all, TOP Step finds the best possible way to utilize the solution, train people and ensure the customer gains the most from their investment.

The majority of TOP Step clients are global organizations within the high-tech and media industries. The TOP Step team held positions within the professional services industry previous to joining the company. They also possess an extensive knowledge of PSA tools. The combination of PS business process and PSA tool knowledge is what uniquely defines them and the cornerstone for achieving the nearly 100 percent customer referenceability. TOP Step utilizes a workshop approach with clients to understand their business model, make recommendations on process improvements and align the PSA tools to business needs.

Breaux says that it is critical to have a team of experts who understand the business operations of a services organization for the company to maintain its credibility that they have built for the last ten years in the market.

We get calls from customers nearly every week who have a problem or need to do more with their PSA system and need our help

He is particularly proud of their virtual administration offering which is a Level 1 helpdesk for clients, allowing them to maintain an ongoing relationship. TOP Step’s technology services complement their consulting business and are focused on system integration and system extensions to the NetSuite OpenAir platform. These services provide communication to other core systems a PS organization relies on as well as additional functionality to improve productivity and process compliance.

Although TOP Step focuses on OpenAir, they still take an agnostic approach and work to provide the best solution for the client. Breaux states that one of the firm’s most interesting success stories is from a non-OpenAir company that acquired a company that did use OpenAir. “The client was unsure of the platform they should adopt for the integrated company. To address the problem, we helped the client understand common business requirements, system setup, and configuration that would best fit their business processes. We educated them on the capabilities of the system and the options including pros and cons for making their decision. In the end, the company embraced OpenAir.”

In 2017, TOP Step reached a ten-year milestone, which was a proud moment for them. Its founder Jodi Cicci, Executive Advisor, who was instrumental in growing the company, transitioned leadership of the company to Ronn Breaux in 2018. With Breaux as the new CEO and with advisement from Jodi Cicci, the company is poised to benefit from the professional services markets’ focus on automation, efficiency, and productivity.

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Ronn Breaux, CEO

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