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Amit Prabhu, General Manager
Today, two decades after its launch, Oracle NetSuite continues to grow its market footprint by adding more features to its solution set, empowering customers to expand their use of NetSuite across a broader range of business functions. However, even with the benefits offered by NetSuite, organizations can face challenges with its implementation—the lack of adequate time and resources for training and change management. With their extensive 14-year expertise in the NetSuite ecosystem, global technology company Aarialife Technologies present in Canada, India, and UAE addresses these concerns by providing organizations with implementation services. “Aarialife’s mission is to implement NetSuite and unleash its capabilities and business applications to streamline operations within an organization,” says Chirag Joshi, President of Aarialife Technologies.

The key performance indicator of NetSuite’s offerings is its scalability and ability to influence various business processes in an organization. However, the product’s flexibility can be a double-edged sword because organizations that try to utilize NetSuite without the relevant experience can end up implementing the product the wrong way, which can take the enterprise a long time to realize because of the complexity of NetSuite’s architecture. “NetSuite has a sophisticated structure that can synchronize with multiple business verticals, and we believe that if a provider does not have the expertise to explain it to the clients in a simple way, realizing benefits through its implementation is nearly impossible,” adds Amit Prabhu, GM, India and Middle East.

Aarialife’s differentiating factors lie in its adeptness and unique approach toward the implementation of NetSuite. Aarialife focuses not on the technical aspects of the product, but the business goals and challenges in the client’s organizational operations. Highlighting the impact of Aarialife’s services on an enterprise is their success story with an IT services company that was experiencing difficulty in maintaining business operations due to their legacy system’s inability to integrate information from their offices in different countries. With Aarialife, the company was able to replace their hub and spoke model of operations with NetSuite’s Oneworld which enabled them access to real-time data and dashboard for its senior management, resulting in significant profits and cost savings.
Chirag Joshi, President

The company follows NetSuite’s one implementation methodology with their clients. The implementation starts with requirements gathering and documentation of a client’s business. Further, unlike other ERP solutions, Aarialife believes in an iterative approach that keeps the client business up to date on the mapping and configuration processes. In addition, the company demonstrates to clients the standard NetSuite screens to enable businesses to gain an understanding of how their systems will look after the implementation. Aarialife also works closely with their clients to devise an adoption strategy that will ensure that all the employees who are going to use the system are comfortable with the configurations, and are able to use NetSuite to the best of its ability. Finally, Aarialife has an optimization phase wherein the company monitors the client business for four weeks (post-implementation) to make sure that the transition is smooth.

Aarialife’s mission is to implement NetSuite and unleash its capabilities and business applications to streamline operations within an organization

Looking ahead, Aarialife plans to contribute to the SDN partner network by adding an extension to NetSuite—they already have an AI-based chatbot fully integrated and available on suiteapp.com. Additionally, the company is planning to revamp their services in sync with SuiteSuccess—the new implementation methodology of NetSuite which promises to go live in 100 days flat. “The team behind Aarialife is striving continuously to become a top 5 NetSuite partners of choice by 2020 in the regions they operate,” concludes Joshi.

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Amit Prabhu, General Manager and Chirag Joshi, President

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