Bring IT: Smart Analytics for a Sound Supply Chain Journey

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Omar Palacios, CEO
The jury is in: it is futile to persist with an ERP system that doesn’t integrate all the data of customers and suppliers into its supply chain. Just ask this cold storage company, which gained improved visibility of its supply chain after availing the services of Bring IT and switching to an Oracle-NetSuite cloud computing solution. Previously, this company had zero access to smart analytics through a centralized supply chain environment—an effective tool to drive business growth. Working across five major verticals—wholesale and distribution, manufacturing, construction and contractors, retail, and food and beverages—Bring IT, an end-to-end supply chain professional service provider, helps various organizations make smarter and better decisions based on data analytics and industry best practices, while also positioning its clients to react swiftly to the changing market around them.

Bring IT, headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, takes pride in classifying itself as a “boutique” enterprise that focuses 100 percent of its attention on each and every customer. “We focus on quality and customer service, and we’re dedicated to delivering the best possible customer experience in the market,” says Omar Palacios, CEO of Bring IT, while also highlighting his organization’s desire to grow organically in a sustainable way. In addition to its expertise in ERP implementations and its relationship with Oracle-NetSuite, Bring IT has a team of subject matter experts that understand the entire lifecycle of a supply chain, which includes design and engineering, manufacturing, logistics, and product life cycle management. That’s precisely why Bring IT, in the eyes of its clients, is a business consultant, and not just an IT or a technical consultant. “Once we understand the business processes of our client, we focus on designing the best comprehensive supply chain solution possible for them.

Once we understand the business process of our client, we focus on designing the best supply chain solution possible for the customer needs

We help them map their existing business processes, optimize them with industry best in class methods and design an Oracle-NetSuite system solution to fulfill their business requirements,” adds Palacios.

The Bring IT team sticks with customers throughout the entire supply chain journey, from solution design to “go live,” through employee training, documentation, and testing. While expanding its services to meet client-specific requirements, Bring IT discovered a prevalent need in the industry as customers sought a holistic platform to integrate data from their various systems. Bring IT met the market need by offering an integrated engineered solution. “Customers want to see all their data in one single portal, instead of having to log in to different platforms. By using our platform built within Oracle-NetSuite, they are able to have all data under one single roof, and that helps them co-relate information from different systems, and understand the history of a customer or supplier. They are also able to identify a problem early on before it worsens,” explains Palacios.

Entering 2019, Bring IT has set its sights on two distinct goals: 1) To strengthen its partnership with Oracle-NetSuite’s professional services and software development network, and 2) Continue to grow the business in the USA and Mexico.

Bring IT

Raleigh, NC

Omar Palacios, CEO

A boutique end-to-end supply chain professional services provider, specializing in NetSuite solutions, that allows clients to access data from various systems, on a single platform

Bring IT