goVirtualOffice: NetSuite Expertise Traversing Solutions Delivery

Dirk Shimpach, Managing Partner
Enterprises in today’s markets require continual adaptation of new business processes and methodologies to stay ahead of their competitors. Amidst excess spreadsheets for reporting, intricate manual processes, and siloed accounting software, the need for a robust ERP system that scales with the growth of a company is imperative for improving workflow. With a plethora of vendors offering solutions critical to the business needs of organizations, it also becomes quite strenuous for companies to zero in on the right fit for their company. goVirtualOffice—an award-winning, premier NetSuite solution provider and cloud technology adviser—nips these challenges in the bud and helps companies put an end to chaotic workflows. “We are 100 percent dedicated to selling, implementing, providing support, and training for NetSuite. We help companies leverage the prowess of NetSuite to enhance productivity, improve efficiency, and ultimately, reap profits,” asserts Dirk Shimpach, the managing partner of goVirtualOffice.

Recognized as a NetSuite 5 Star partner and provider for cloud CRM, ERP and accounting services, the company offers comprehensive business management solutions designed to unify different teams pertaining to functions such as sales, HR, and reporting to modernize businesses and help them grow. Typically, traditional processes for NetSuite implementations are lengthy and exhausting which can turn out to be daunting for any company, especially those that lack resources to dedicate a full-time employee to manage ERP processes. In order to ease the tasks, goVirtualOffice uses NetSuite’s new approach for vertical cloud ERP software deployments—SuiteSuccess. It’s an operational efficiency mechanism that allows installation of NetSuite in 100 days or less. goVirtualOffice leverages this methodology both on sales and implementation. In addition to streamlining the process, SuiteSuccess empowers businesses with the necessary adaptability required to expand in a rapidly evolving enterprise landscape. For their clients, goVirtualOffice’s expert teams deliver end-to-end services including setup, configuration, and customization, as well as consulting, training and support.
“We listen and do our best to understand, simplify, and automate a company’s complex processes. We help them evaluate if NetSuite is a good solution for them and then successfully implement it to ensure that the business stays lean, efficient, and agile,” explains Shimpach.

We help companies leverage the prowess of NetSuite to enhance productivity, improve efficiency, and ultimately, reap profits

Whether it’s consolidating back-office processes, custom tailoring solutions, or eliminating IT maintenance and upgrade costs, goVirtualOffice positions itself as a “durable differentiator” in the landscape. As a result, the company holds a staggering 98 percent client retention rate and has minimal employee turnover. The company has, year after year, proven to build a workplace culture of trust and togetherness. Madison Magazine’s annual survey, conducted by Nebraska-based Quantum Workplace lists goVirtualOffice as one of the best places to work in Madison.

goVirtualOffice has clients in various industries including manufacturing, wholesale distribution, non-profit, software service, and financial organizations. With experience and expertise that spans over 15 years, goVirtualOffice’s aim for the future is to continue growing by broadening their capabilities in the ever-changing NetSuite ecosystem. The company plans to enhance its sales force and expand geographically to increase its market reach. “We see a lot of future in being able to self-support and help companies out with e-commerce. We have our enhanced bundle around optimizing NetSuite CRM in helping companies set up and get going in the CRM space. Our team is working on a simpler way to manage projects and resources within NetSuite's array of project management,” states Shimpach.


Waunakee, WI

Dirk Shimpach, Managing Partner

A NetSuite solution consultant and a cloud technology advisor for CRM, ERP and accounting software