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Vangelis Hadgigeorgiou, General Manager
Trusted by 40,000 businesses worldwide, NetSuite has clearly garnered a reputation for being one of the most reliable Cloud ERP solutions available today. Apart from being cloud-based, NetSuite is cost-effective as compared to the products of other leading cloud service providers. “ERP implantation is a critical activity that is quite expensive, consumes a significant amount of time and needs to be aptly aligned with organizational goals,” states Vangelis Hadgigeorgiou, General Manager, NetU, highlighting pivotal factors of virtual resource planning that are often overlooked.

Since its inception almost three decades ago, NetU has amassed a reputation worldwide for its finesse in delivering holistic world-class IT services that are not merely restricted to implementing NetSuite solutions but also rendering a whole range of support services. “We are an Oracle gold technology partner firm that collaborated with NetSuite a couple of years ago to help our clients accomplish holistic ERP implementation. We aim to deliver a whole new, single holistic system that delivers a whole new ERP experience to our customers and thus, injects innovation into their traditional business processes,” mentions Vangelis. In its journey so far, the organization has catered to the needs of over 300 clients—predominantly medium and large corporations—across various sectors worldwide.

NetU’s recent collaboration with one of its eminent clients helps, not only in comprehending the benefits of NetSuite alone but also in illustrating the company’s capabilities as a whole. The client organization, reputed for its expertise in digital infrastructure management has established its presence across several continents, including North America, Europe, and Asia. The client intended to develop a holistic financial system that complies with global standards. Backed by external funding, the organization sought the assistance of NetU for the implementation of a robust financial structure. The noted ERP vendor assisted the firm in the installation of a one-stop-shop NetSuite solution, which resulted in the estimated budget allocated for the implementation of multiple ERP and financial systems being reduced by 30 percent.

We are an Oracle partner organization that collaborated with NetSuite a couple of years ago to help our clients accomplish holistic ERP implementation

NetSuite adoption offered several other advantages such as an annual subscription package that accommodated need-based procurement and a broad functionality range that completely justifies the ERP investment. In addition, NetU’s solution offered the organization an additional benefit of viewing the business in a consolidated manner effortlessly.

In another instance, NetU assisted a technology organization which relied on multiple ERP tools for myriad functions. NetU team helped the client consolidate the various resource planning tools and offered a single solution that supported multiple localizations as well.

One of the organization’s greatest triumphs has been ending the skepticism of clients regarding cloud adoption and data confidentiality. NetU has helped clients, predominantly those located in Greece and Cyprus, by tailoring cutting-edge ERP solutions and exploiting the benefits of NetSuite, yield long-term benefits of cloud infrastructure adoption. In the days to come, the organization intends to invest further to amplify its NetSuite capabilities and exploit the benefits of cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence. “Quite recently, we also extended our services to Serbia and intend to cater to several markets that haven’t exploited the benefits of NetSuite as yet,” concludes Vangelis.


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Vangelis Hadgigeorgiou, General Manager

NetU is a pioneer in cloud and ERP implementation and caters to clients across Cyprus, Greece and other parts of the Eastern Mediterranean region